Video game soundtracks are a phenomenal way to experience those beloved journeys once more, even while away from our platforms of choice. For those that love the Final Fantasy franchise as much as I do, the news that every main OST for this incredible franchise is now on Spotify is enough to put a little additional pep in that step. 

While exciting, I do mean every 'main' game, which means titles like Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are missing. That being said, there is more than enough Final Fantasy to go around, including the beloved NES era all the way up to Final Fantasy 15 - which is amazing. 

Also! If you like going to the gym, the Final Fantasy soundtracks are actually perfect for staying motivated. Need to hit that weight benchmark? Just picture that bar as Sephiroth. Just don't try to date that bar, even though Sephiroth is a Very Pretty Boy (TM). 

It's kind of odd that such a big move over onto the music platform received no official press release or announcement for Square Enix, but luckily for you guys I'm stupidly obsessed with this franchise and noticed right away because obsession and all of that. 

So yeah! Enjoy those smooth tunes, friends!